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Since 1975 Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture has been handcrafting cedar log rustic dining furniture out of 100% northern white cedar.When it comes to building log dining room furniture you really need to construct it correctly to make sure that the wood doesn’t warp over time.

One of the most important things when construction log dining room furniture is that you need to make sure your using dried wood. Reason for this, is that when it’s dried it is usually done moving or warp. If you try to cut corners and use freshly cut wood you will for surely see warping occur eventually. Cedar Creek, uses dry kilned lumber on their rustic dining furniture, this cost more to build but is better for the customer over time. When dry kilning us dry it slowly to minimize the bending and twisting of the wood. So, if you are looking around for indoor log dining room furniture make sure your furniture is constructed out of wood that has been dried correctly or in the end you might waste your money.

We laminate 2 x 6” cedar lumber boards together to make our tops for the indoor log dining room tables. Laminating is the process of taking boards and gluing them together to make a larger surface, and if done correctly is stronger than one large board or table top. Once we laminate the boards and get the top we are after, we router the corners and hand sand them for a smooth finish. If the customer likes we can ship the log dining furniture in the natural state or we can apply 3 coats of varnish for a protective seal and a glossy look. The legs or supports for the rustic dining furniture are also constructed out of 100% white cedar logs that have been debarked and then hand peeled twice to insure a smooth touch.The frame work under the log dining room tables is assembled with a mortise and Tenon style of construction; this is a type of construction where the wood is inserted into each other for a strong connection.

Again, if there is something you do not see on our site and you’re looking for someone to build a piece of furniture that is unique or you want us to use your own materials, please contact us. We have built all kinds of unique items like log dining room tables, stump tables, rustic lamps etc.