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log end table

Log End Table / Nightstand

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Log End Table / Nightstand

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Made from white cedar logs and lumber, our log end tableshave a laminated top table that is a solid top. We hand sand the top so it is completely smooth and also add a radiosedge to the top corner sections of the table so there is no sharp edge. The leg frame work is constructed of 3”diameter logs for strength that have been hand peeled 2 times insuring thatthey are smooth to the touch.

Our cedar log nightstands can be used as nightstands or end tables; they are versatile pieces of furniture and come in a couple styles.One style is where we have the legs of theend table or nightstand comes up past the table top on each corner; this is aunique look that a lot of our customer really like and has been a hit fordecades.The other style is what we callthe wavy top; it is a solid top that does not have the legs coming up past thetable, but has a wavy pattern around the perimeter of the table top that hasbeen hand cut to make it look more natural.The third style is a two shelf log end table or nightstand that has thelegs coming past the table top.Allstyles do have the solid table tops and also have a radios on the corner edgeof the tops.

You can order any style of the cedar log nightstand or end table with no finish on them or you can let us add three coats of varnish that are also hand sanded in between each coat of varnish to make sure each piece is completely smooth and has a glossy finish. If it’s an interior piece of furniture likethese log end table or cedar log nightstands you eventually want to put some kind of aprotectant on them, so why not let us do it for you, we have skilled workersthat do that every day and know the ins and outs of how it’s done.

Each cedar log nightstand comes with easy to read instructions and hardware needed to assemble.

Choose your options:
Color Stain
Color Stain or Varnish:
Product Code: ET
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks

30lbs23" H24" W24" D
Assembly: Tools required:
  • Phillips screw driver
Assembly Time: 5 minutes
Assembly consists of attaching the legs to the table top and fastening with screws supplied.

Ships via UPS

Log End Table / Nightstand



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