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When you are in the hunt for outdoor furniture that is made out of wood, your best choice of wood is northern white cedar. White cedar will last for 20 plus years outdoors without any protective sealant on it. Northern white cedar is also soft to the touch and is some of the strongest species of wood when calculating weight to strength ratio. For these reasons alone, is why Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture decided to handcraft their outdoor cedar log furniture out of northern white cedar logs and lumber.

Our handmade outdoor cedar log furniture is manufactured out of tree tops that are normally left behind by the loggers.We take what would have been wasted and hand build outdoor cedar log furniture out of them. It all starts with handpicking the best cedar logs, which gives us the best building blocks for the best furniture, it starts with that.

The logs that the handmade outdoor cedar furniture is made of, are hand peeled 2 times to make sure that it is smooth to the touch. We hand sand all the lumber parts to make sure that there are no slivers or rough edges, like the seats that are contoured for added comfort when sitting. You can order the furniture with a stain on it for the outdoor line of furniture or you can get it natural. If you order it natural it will still last as long as the stained furniture, but it will turn a beautiful silvery grey color over a 3 year period. The grey color does not mean it is rotting, it is just the sun oxidizing the outer layer of the wood.

All of our outdoor log furniture kits are pre-assembled at the plant and then broken down for packaging reasons. Each kit comes with easy to read instructions and hardware needed to assemble. The components that need to be assembled are pre-drilled for easy assembly. We use the best logs, lumber and hardware that are zinc coated for the outdoor elements to give you the best outdoor cedar log furniture that will last for years to come.