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The cedar log planter boxes from Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture are made from 100% white cedar logs and lumber. Our cedar log planter boxes are constructed with the mortise and tendon joints along with a dado cut along each log where the cedar lumber is inserted, this is constructed like this for strength. Each outdoor wooden wishing well planter comes with the sides already assembled and all you need to do is connect each section, then screw the joints together with the supplied hardware, just lay the floor in and it’s done. All you need to do is fill the planter with a planter pot or dirt and you are done.

The wishing well is a knock off cedar log planter. Our outdoor wooden wishing well planter is basically the planter box with the wishing well roof attached to it, again made from 100% white cedar it will last for years.The wooden wishing well planter comes with the planter box mostly assembled, the hardware needed and the roof assembly for the wishing well that comes in 2 boxes with easy to read and understand instructions. Assembly for this unit is about 20 minutes and no heavy lifting. The outdoor wooden wishing well planter is made from 2.5” diameter cedar logs and 3 ¾” diameter cedar logs along with 1 x3” cedar lumber. If you like, you can us either for a planter or you can also use it to cover something like a well casing that is an eye sore in every ones yard. All you need to do is not insert the bottom floor boards and set if over your well casing to hide it.

White Cedar will last for years outdoors and is the choice of wood for its light weight and strength to weight ratio. White cedar will last for over 20 years if left outdoor all year long making it the best species of wood for outdoor furniture such as our cedar planter boxes and wishing wells.

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Cedar planter box Cedar Planter Box


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Wishing well planter Wishing well planter

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