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Office Furniture

The handcrafted rustic office chairs and furniture that Cedar Creek makes come made of 100% cedar logs and lumber. The table tops of the log office furniture we build have been dry kilned to minimize lumber warping. The legs and any supportframework are made from cedar logs. The drawersare handcrafted with your choice of cedar log siding or a flat cedar board forthe face of the dresser. The drawers areconstructed with heavy duty drawer slides that are full extended slides givingyou the ability to use the entire drawer.

You can order your handcrafted rustic office chairs and furniture in the natural state, which comes ready to finish or you can order it with 3 coats of varnish already applied with a glossy finish. When we apply the varnish, we hand sand the log office furniture and then apply 1 coat of varnish, when it has dried for 24 hours we then hand sand it again with a very fine grit sand paper and repeat that process 3 times making sure you have a smooth and durable finish.And if you are looking for even a little bit more of a finish we can add a colored stain to item you are interested in, we can even stain just sections of your log office furniture to give a contrast if needed. Cedar Creek can alsodo custom work for people who have something in mind other than what we havelisted on our site. Cedar Creek can makeyour dreams or thoughts of a piece of furniture come true, we have built conferencetables, custom log desks, log office furniture such as filing cabinets orshelves, there is no limit to what we can do for our customers.

Please contact Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture for your rustic office furniture needs. Contact us my emailor phone 906-753-4072



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