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The rustic indoor lighting fixtures Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture offers on our website is built by skilled blacksmith workers that have years of experience handcrafting these one of a kind fixtures.Each and every rustic indoor lighting fixture is built by hand, it is not automated or on an assembly line, completely hand built from the ground up.The process of crafting these wood and iron light fixtures is the same process used over 100 years ago, and not to mention these works of art are made from recycled iron. Even the finishes use on these pieces is made from a non-toxic water based finish that is baked on by natural gas burners.

With each fixture you can choose your options of an iron finish, for example hand rubbed bronze, natural black, hand rubbed iron etc. And you can choose your iron accent option such as gold accent or copper accent. There are also options on the globes for instance frosted or craft. With the options available and the craftsmanship involved you can see why, it is made to order on each shipment. The crafting of these items are so labor intensive, try to image how they get the texture of bark on some of the parts of the iron, they hand hammer in these textures, talk about hand crafting.
The artisan blacksmith bend or shape the metal with a combination of hard force but yet artisan finesse that takes years and years of experience that is sometimes brought down from earlier generations. Making these works of art is not easy and does take a unique skill, but if it were easy everybody would be doing it.

If you are looking for a one of a kind wood and iron light fixture that is completely hand crafted with the environment in mind by using recycled iron and water-based finishes, contact us at Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture.