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About Log Furniture

What is Cedar Log Furniture?

Checking process is when cedar loses moisture

Northern white cedar grows primarily in the swampy wet areas in the northern part of the United States and Canada. White cedar will last a minimum of 25 years outdoors without any preservatives on it.

When the cedar loses the moisture inside, cracks called "checking" will occur and should be expected. This is caused from the round shape shrinking a little and having to give at some location around its perimeter. Checking does not weaken the log and will only crack to the core and not all the way through. The checking process will stop once the log is completely dry, giving it the rustic characteristics everyone loves in their cedar log furniture. Cedar log furniture will weather to a beautiful silvery gray in about 2 years outdoors, while still keeping the smooth soft touch it had the first day it was put outside.

White cedar is the number one choice for any outdoor rustic log furniture structures that need to withstand the harsh elements of winter or humid and dry summers. White cedar also has a natural repellent against insects with a acid that the insects don't like in the wood itself, this is why white cedar has been the number 1 species of wood for fence and outdoor log furniture for many years.

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